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300/1200g Waterproof Coating Sealant Agent Transparent Invisible Paste Glue With Brush Adhesive Repair Home Roof Bathroom

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  • Description

    Product storage: The product should be sealed and placed in a cool and dry place

    Reference area: The overall application of 250g is 1.5 square meters, and the application of 600g is about 4 square meters. Only the gap of 250g is about 3 meters, and the application of 600g is about 6.5 meters

    Construction precautions: 1. Before construction, clean the tile floor and keep it free from dirt and sewage stains. If the gap between the tiles is too deep, first fill the gap with a leak stopper. The product does not need to be mixed, and can be brushed immediately after opening the cover. Before construction, the floor drain should be blocked to prevent glue leakage.

    2. For large-scale construction, it is recommended to start with the wall and then the ground, and start from the inside to the outside to facilitate the exit of construction personnel. During construction, the gel should be brushed as thin as possible (faster film drying), and the key positions (such as toilet edges/floor drains/wall corner gaps) should be painted twice (for better results). During construction, it should be painted in one go, Form a continuous and flat waterproof film on the base surface.

    3. After construction, it is recommended to ventilate the site. Before the gel is dried and solidified, it should not come into contact with water or step on. When the gel is at room temperature above 20 ℃, it should dry after 2 hours and form a film within 5 hours. The slower the temperature is, the slower the curing process may be (the curing time may be affected by low winter temperatures).

    Due to differences in coating thickness and roughness, the curing time may vary slightly. Based on the actual curing time, the waterproof adhesive can be used for 1-2 years, with modified acrylic acid as the main component. After construction, it is transparent and colorless, and the waterproof effect is very good. Transparent waterproof adhesive can be used in bathrooms. It is a new type of waterproof adhesive that is green, environmentally friendly, has a long service life, and has good waterproof and mold proof effects.

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