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RBCFHI 5-60M 1/4” Automatic Micro Drip Irrigation System Garden 8 Hole Spray Self Watering Kits With Adjustable Green Dripper

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  • Description

    – For this kit, we listed 12 types of kits for your choice.
    –  Saving water

       Up to 65 percent water savings compared to manual irrigation. The precision drip irrigation system delivers just the right amount of water to the roots of the plants slowly and precisely.

    –  Watering Adjustment

       Each nozzle can be adjusted individually. Each plant can be set to receive their individual irrigation according to their needs.

    –  Easy installation

       Easy installation without digging or plumbing work. Simplify the insertion and removal of small spikes and drippers.

    –  Watering effectively

       Watering up to 70 plants. It can cover the water needs of different systems at once. 0-70 l / hour (adjustable).

    – Name : RBCFHI 5-60M 1/4” Watering Kits

    – Versatile 1/4-inch manifolds can be used as the main conduit in a small drip irrigation system

    – Apply automatic irrigation kit for agricultural, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, pool atomized cooling irrigation. Drip irrigation kit accessories save you time and water

    – Sprinkler System Kit Professional quality waterproof pants are made from high quality UV resistant materials with unmatched chemical resistance. It can be placed all year round, buried or surfaced in any weather


    Package Included:
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