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Thous Winds Scorpio 1 People Tent Ultralight Hiking Solo Tent Outdoor Backpack Tent Cot Tent 15D Nylon Ripstop Both Side Silicon

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  • Description

    Single ultra-light tent 15D 420T Ripstop Nylon with silicone on both sides , net weight 1.45 kg.

    Suitable for Camping, Hiking, Mountaineering, Cycling, Fishing and other scenarios

    Highlighted Points

    1. 2 Style to Build.

    a: Regular installation, close to the ground.

    b: Use with camping cot. Suitable for length 190-200CM, width 60-68CM camping cot.

    2. Two door design.

    The front and rear doors of the inner and outer tent can be opened.

    There is plenty of space inside the tent, and it is comfortable to sit or lie down without crowding. Wide field of view.

    3.Ultralight 15D 420T Ripstop Nylon with silicone on both sides.

    The advantage of both sides silicone fabric is that it is super light and the tear strength is more than 5 times that of single silicon fabric. But the reason why few tents use it is: the sewing process is very demanding and there is no way to achieve mass production.

    4.The world’s first tent without pressure glue process

    The world’s first high-tech products without pressure glue process The tent has no pressure glue and no glue coating at all splices. Through a special sewing process + expansion line to achieve waterproof effect, the world’s first technology

    1 year quality guarantee.

    If you encounter any problems with the quality of the product itself during use, please contact us and we will replace the product with a new one free of charge. In addition, if you have any questions about the product, please contact us.


    Brand: Thous Winds

    Type: Scorpio 1 People Tent

    Color: Black / Brown / Green

    Model No.: TW-DM16/17

    Suitable: Hiking, Camping

    Suitable seasons: 3 Season


    Tent Fabric:

    Outer Tent: 15D Ripstop Nylon with 420T both sides silicone coating. PU2000mm W/R.

    Inner Tent: 20D Mesh Yarn,7075 Aviation Aluminum alloy.

    Tent Floor: 15D 420T Ripstop Nylon with silicone on both sides. PU2000mm W/R.

    Tent Pole: 7075 Aviation Aluminum alloy

    Tent Size / Storage size:

    Outer Tent: 245*245*108 cm / 23*14*14cm

    Inner Tent: 200*66*108 cm / 44*9*9cm

    Number of Door: 2 Door

    Accessories: Nails, Rope

    Net Weight: 1.45kg

    With Accessories:1.59kg


    1 *Inner Tent Body

    1 *Outer Tent Body

    2 *Tent Poles

    8 *Tent stakes

    4 *Rope

    2 *Carry bag Mesh bag

    Product advantages:

    1: The tent material is made of 15D nylon ripstop both side silicon.

    2: The tent poles are made of 7075 AviationAluminum alloy bracket,light and firm.

    3: The tent can be used with camping cot. Suitable for length 190-200CM, width 60-68CM camping cot.

    The advantage of double-sided silicone is that it is ultra-light, and it wins in all aspects compared to tents of the same weight.

    Tear strength is more than 5 times of single-sided silicone fabric, waterproof, wind resistance, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance is stronger than single-sided silicone.

    Many tents will be moldy if they are not dried in time after use on rainy days, but the quick drying and strong corrosion resistance of double-sided silicone do not need to worry about the problem of mold, even if you do not unfold to dry.

    (But it is better to dry in the sun, so as to extend the service life of the tent).

    It is its limitations: the sewing process is very demanding, there is no way to achieve mass production, the manufacturing cost is high, and it can not quickly create benefits for enterprises.

    If the tent is reasonably maintained, it can be used for 5-10 years, and the service life is more than double that of ordinary tents.

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